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Ofir Gardy Design & Visualization

Realistic product visualizations, rendering & animation.


Brilliant Jewellery rendering. Lili Jewellery's Crisscut Ring® visualization.


Passion for aesthetics.

Bringing innovation & creativity to the table with every project.





Salient Concert Promo

January 10, 2017

Nectar Motors

January 10, 2017

Claire Smith

December 16, 2016

Track Athletic Gear

December 15, 2016

iPhone App

December 10, 2016

Virtual Reality

November 16, 2016

Ofir Gardy

Ofir Gardy

I’ll keep it simple.
Israeli. Born in 1979.
Ever since I can remember I was planning and building things.
I fell in love with computer generated visuals and sought to fulfil my visions using computers. That was in the 80’s-90’s. So I taught myself everything I know – that was the only way back then – autodidact they say.
1996 (age 16.5) I’ve started my own studio and embarked on a journey to become a professional at what I do and love. I’ve done all sorts of crazy, fun and challenging projects along the years. Sometime near the end of the 2000 decade I’ve decided to add a physical spectrum to my creation and went to study Architecture and Interior Design. Few years (a wife + 2 children) later I’ve graduated and began working in the physical world along the virtual world.

My goal in life is to influence.

My arsenal consists of 2 hands, super-fast-brains, a butt and a lot of willpower fueled by curiosity & passion.

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